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Dynamic Cupping

30 mins £ 48

Dynamic Cupping (moving or sliding cupping) is the technique related to massage therapy.


During the cupping session, a practitioner will apply massage oil on your back, and place round cups directly on your skin, the cups will be left on your skin for maximum 5 mins and then be moved around your back. This is to promote blood flow and produce a quicker stretch response in the soft tissue and reduce pain and inflammation.


Because the cups are constantly there are no lasting marks after the treatment, but possibly slight redness to the skin which fades immediately after the session. 



50 mins £ 68

Acupuncture is a  treatment that uses very thin steel needles into the skin to stimulate acupoints for therapeutic purposes.


During the initial acupuncture consultation, we will have a conversation about all aspects of your health and your lifestyle, your medical history and relevant family medical history. It is only after this that a TCM diagnosis will be made and acupuncture treatment can be tailored.

Needle insertion is generally painless but some might experience a tingling, warmth, tight or pulling sensation. You will be left in place for 20 minutes.

By the end of the session you may feel very relaxed even fall asleep in the session.


Acupuncture + Tui Na Massage 60mins £ 88

Tui Na is a massage originated in ancient China and is believed to be the oldest system of bodywork. The goal of Tui Na massage is to create harmony in the yin and yang of the body by getting rid of blockages and disturbances that manifest as illness, disease, and emotional issues. Tui Na massage can be done as a stronger deep-tissue massage or a more gentle, energetic treatment based on client's need.


A combination of Acupuncture and Tuina massage has a brilliant effect to deal with muscle pain and it's for anyone loves a little massage to slow down the busy day.


Acupuncture + Dynamic Cupping 60mins £ 88

Dynamic Cupping is one of the best treatment to manage chronic and acute pain. Cupping is also helpful to alleviate stress and tension, many of our clients find it helpful for tech neck caused by stress and overwork.


A combination of acupuncture and cupping is great for treating upper respiratory issues such as asthma and the common cold, especially when combined with herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Yinspire therapy has particular passion for supporting women through life's challenges. If you're pregnant, has a baby under 1 year old or recently had a miscarriage and struggle to afford acupuncture treatments, we offer a sliding scale to make acupuncture sessions more accessible. Please email me at to make an enquiry.






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